Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lemon Cream Pie {Egg-free} UPDATE

The last few times I have made this pie, my filling was kind of grainy.  I made it again for Easter weekend and decided to make some changes.  Ah... so much better!  It is lemony, smooth and delicious.  I am updating my original recipe here.

If you are familiar with my original recipe, I reduced the sugar in the crust because it would get kind of sticky and would stick to the pie plate.  I also took out the added sugar in the filling because the sweetened condensed milk has plenty!  I also doubled the lemon zest and adjusted the cooking instructions to make sure you don't curdle the milk during cooking.  I figured out that was my biggest problem with the filling.

Happy Easter everyone!!

Lemon Cream Pie (EF)  <<Click to link to recipe.

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