Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Roasted Vegetable Medley

Here is the Roasted Vegetable Medley as promised.  I also want to try them grilled as suggested by the recipe that I adapted this one from.  Check it out at the link below.

Roasted Vegetable Medley

1 zucchini, quartered and thickly sliced
1 yellow squash, quartered and thickly sliced
8 oz mushrooms, quartered
1 lb grape tomatoes, whole
1 yellow onion, cut in half then each half in quarters
2 T olive oil
6-8 cloves garlic, minced
black pepper and seasoned salt, to taste

Preheat oven to 425o.

In a 11x14 baking dish, add vegetables and mix to evenly distribute.  Then drizzle with olive oil.  Sprinkle mixture with garlic, seasoned salt and pepper.   Stir again. Then roasted in oven, stirring every 10 minutes until cooked to desired texture.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Simple Seared Salmon

I was really hungry for salmon this week.  But I didn't want to marinade it as some of my favorite salmon recipes call for like Honey Ginger Salmon (EF, DF, GF) or Teriyaki Salmon (EF, DF, GF).  I wanted something I could quickly cook on the stove.  So, I used my previously published Seared Scallop (EF, GF) method on the salmon.  Combining oil and butter allows you to cook at high heat for a longer period without burning the butter.  This was just what I was looking for.

I used a stainless steel skillet because my nonstick skillet wasn't big enough for how much salmon I was cooking.  If you use a nonstick skillet, you will get a much better sear and your salmon will be much less likely to come apart.  I do have a big enough cast iron skillet for our grill... maybe I will try that next time...

I served the salmon with a quick polenta and some roasted veggies.  Recipe for the veggies is coming soon...

Simple Seared Salmon

1 1/2 to 2 pounds skinless salmon cut into 4 oz pieces
1 T unsalted butter
1 T olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper

Pat salmon dry with a paper towel.  Add the butter and oil to a large sauté pan on high heat.  A nonstick skillet will get the best sear and help the salmon hold together but a stainless steel skillet can also be used.  Salt and pepper the salmon on both sides.  Once the fat begins to smoke, gently add the salmon. Sear on both sides until flakes easily with fork.  Cook time varies depending on the thickness of the fish.  Serve immediately.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Overnight Applesauce Oatmeal

I have been intrigued by the increasingly popular overnight oatmeal recipes popping up all over Pinterest.  I decided to try one.  I chose this one because I had all of the ingredients at home and it seemed a little healthier than the almost dessert variety.  We really liked it!  We actually ate them cold which was a nice way to eat oatmeal in the summer.  I plan to try some other varies and may try warming them especially in the winter.  I think these will especially helpful for my husband during the week who usually eats grabs his breakfast and eats it in the car or at his desk when he gets to work.

Overnight Applesauce Oatmeal - Click to here to link to recipe.

Allergen Notes:
This recipe could easily be made gluten-free with certified gluten free oats.  I have also seen several overnight oatmeal recipes that use a non-dairy substitute for milk.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

One of my all time favorite recipes for Teriyaki Chicken (EF, DF, GF) now on the grill!  We were wanting to grill chicken but I didn't have enough Italian dressing to make Easy Grilled Chicken (EF, DF, GF) and didn't want to go to the store.  My genius husband suggested we use the teriyaki marinade we use all the time.  Such a fantastic idea!  Best grilled chicken ever.  We had ours with some asian chopped salad and rice.  Yummy!!
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
¾ c reduced-sodium soy sauce*
¼ c vegetable oil              
3 T brown sugar
1 t garlic powder
½ t ground ginger
6 boneless, skinless breasts (about 2-2 ½ pounds)
In a large gallon plastic bag, combine the first five ingredients.  Mix well.  Add chicken.  Refrigerate for 4-8 hours, turning at least once.  Drain and discard marinade.  Grill to perfection. 
We have a kamado style smoker and convection grill.  These aren’t extremely common.  But if you do have one, this is how we cooked it.  Set the dome temperature to 370 oF.  Cook on each side for about 10-12 minutes per side or until the internal temperature of the chicken is more than 160 oF.  
Serves 6

* For those on a gluten-free diet, be sure to use a gluten-free soy sauce