Sunday, March 23, 2014


 Chili's Grill & Bar

We went out to dinner this week at Chili's.  My husband had seen advertisements for their new fresh mex menu and wanted to check it out.  He was especially interested in the fresh mex bowls.  Before we went,  we looked up their online allergen menu.

To find the menu, go to their website at  On the left hand side of the page, click on MENU.  Then scroll down to the bottom left until you see Download Fact Sheets.  Click on the option for Chilis Allergen (pdf).  Lucky for us, egg allergies is the first page.    If you have multiple allergies, you will have to make sure what you want to order is on each list.

So, my husband ordered the chicken chipotle fresh mex bowl without the corn salsa and without the tortilla strips.  He had them add some guacamole.  I am so glad they had this information online because we eat tortilla chips and all kinds of salsa which normally do not have any egg and wouldn't have thought to ask for those items to be taken off.  We figured out that the tortilla strips must be fried in the same oil as other foods with egg in them.  I had the corn salsa on my salad and I think it may have had a very light coating of some kind of dressing containing egg in it.  We also had the skillet queso appetizer and my  husband had his with flour tortillas.  I wish they had more options for my husband on their menu, but he very much enjoyed his dinner and we were able to order stress free.  

Other restaurants with online allergen menus can be found here.

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