Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Smokey Garlic Chicken Pasta

Another great Pinterest find!  My family really enjoyed this recipe for Smokey Garlic Chicken Pasta.  My husband especially liked the slightly smokey flavor!  The kids also really enjoyed it.

Recipe Notes:  The link below is slightly lighter version of a post of another food blogger.  I lighted mine up a little more by using half of the suggested butter and by using even less bacon by trimming off most of the fat.  I also cooked my chicken in the slow-cooker (from frozen)!  I also used half of the dressing and barbeque sauce as recommended.  I thought the qualities mentioned seemed like too much, especially for the slow-cooker.  It still tasted great and I can feel a little less guilty about eating it.

Gluten-free notes:  If you use a gluten-free pasta, dressing and barbeque sauce, I think this dish could work for a gluten free diet.  Let me know if you try it gluten-free!

Smokey Garlic Chicken Pasta - click to link to recipe.

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