Monday, November 26, 2012

Herb Turkey Breast {Slow-cooker}

I imagine me sharing my Thanksgiving turkey recipe after Thanksgiving isn't terribly helpful.  I just am not organized enough to make one before Thanksgiving in time to post.  So, hopefully someone out there will find this recipe helpful as we are still in the holiday season!  I hope to re-post this recipe next year before Thanksgiving.

I really don't enjoy dry turkey.  So, it is one of my missions in life to make a tender juicy turkey.  What is one of the best ways to cook tender meat? . . . in your slow-cooker!  Now the problem is that it is a little challenging to fit a turkey in the slow-cooker.  I have found the best way is to buy the breast only.  I buy one with bones and skin to add flavor.  The only problem is that it still doesn't always fit.  This year I cut out some of the rib bones with some heavy duty kitchen shears, similar to these.  That isn't a job for anyone with a weak stomach.  Honestly, cutting out the ribs of my turkey was kind of gross. But the resulting fall of the bone tender turkey was so worth it!!

The bigger slow-cooker you have the better.  I use the Crock-Pot® Stainless Steel 5.5Qt Oval Programmable Slow Cooker.  This slow-cooker is plenty big around for a turkey breast.  The problem usually comes with it being deep enough, hence cutting out or at least breaking the ribs.  I actually cooked mine overnight.  I set the timer for 10 hours on slow and then let it continue cooking at the warm setting for 2-3 additional hours.  Then I turned off all heat and let it set about an hour before cutting.  Note:  I am not trying to promote any particular brand of slow-cooker.  It is just the one that worked for me.


Herb Turkey {Slow-cooker}

8 lb bone-in, skin-on turkey breast
¼ c chopped fresh parsley or 2T dried parsley
2 T dried chives
1 t dried thyme
¼ t dried marjoram
¼ t dried rosemary
¼ t dried sage
½ t salt
¼ c butter or non-dairy margarine, softened
1 c chicken broth*
Freshly ground black pepper

Rinse turkey and drain off any excess liquid.  Put turkey in the slow-cooker making sure that the lid will fit without touching the turkey.  Mix all spices in a small bowl.  With your fingers, loosen the skin and spread the spices directly on turkey breast underneath the skin.  Then spread the softened butter under the skin on the breast meat.  Sprinkle the black pepper over the top of the turkey skin.  Pour chicken broth into the bottom of the slow-cooker around the turkey.   Cook on low in your slow-cooker for 10-12 hours until tender when pierced with a fork and juices run clear.  Turn off heat one hour before ready to serve.  Take off skin and slice.  Spoon some of the juice from the bottom of the slow cooker over the turkey to keep it nice and moist.
Serves 10-12

*If you are on a gluten-free diet, check your label to make sure the broth is gluten-free.

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