Saturday, January 18, 2014

Red Lobster

I haven't complete forgotten about my list of restaurants with online allergen menus . . .  Eventually, I will get a pretty good list going.

A reader recommended Red Lobster.  I just looked up their allergen menu online and it is a good detailed menu and they do have a pretty good list of items for someone with egg allergies.  They also list various cooking options to help reduce allergen risk.  I am definitely adding this restaurant to my list and I am thinking our family may need to dine their soon! 

To find their menu, go to their website at  Click on the tab labeled Seafood & Health.  Then click on the tab Allergy info.  There is a link on that page that takes you to the most up to date menu.

We find it so helpful to be able to plan my husband's meal before we arrive to the restaurant.  What is your favorite restaurant with an online allergen menu? 

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