Friday, September 18, 2015

Pork Cubanos

I am obsessed with food trucks.  I find it fascinating that great food, and lots of it, can come out of such a small, mobile space.  Although, I would not want to work in one.  How could it not be steamy hot in there?!  Because of my obsession, I recently watched the movie Chef.  Have you seen it?  The movie is pretty good but I was most excited about the drool worthy Cubanos they show in the movie.  Los Angeles chef, Roy Choi, published the recipe used in the movie on  You can click to link to the recipe below.  I was determined to make these myself.  I made the pork roast with some black beans and rice the first night.  Then we made the sandwiches the second night with the leftover roast.  Best. Sandwich. Ever.  Delicious!  I will post the recipes and pictures for the pork roast and rice soon!

Mojo Pork Cubanos - Click to link to the recipe.

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