Monday, August 6, 2012

Cuban Flank Steak

About a month ago, I posted a recipe for beef fajitas.  I bought the meat for the fajitas at a retail warehouse shopping club.  The meat came in a double pack.  We cooked one up immediately for the fajitas and froze the other for a later use.  I wanted to do something different for the later use and found a great recipe for grilled Cuban Flank Steak on Pinterest.   

Cuban Flank Steak - The marinade we used was exactly as described in this recipe.  Click to link to the recipe.

Smoker and Convection Grill Instructions
The original recipe tells you to grill on each side for a few minutes and warns to not overcook or your steak will be tough.  We slow cooked ours in a kamado style smoker and convection grill and the meat turned out so tender.  If you happen to have a similar grill or smoker, Set the dome temperature to 300 oF for a grill temperature of 280oF and cook for about 1½ hours.

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