Monday, July 9, 2012

Grilled Burgers

I must admit, I was quite the skeptic when my husband told me about this recipe.  Since we got our new grill, he has been reading grill forums and recipes to come up with delicious meals and cooking methods.  Several sources, such as this one, recommend rubbing your meat with yellow mustard and then a rub.  Appartently the mustard holds in the juice and helps the spices stick to the meat.  I thought the mustard flavor would be overwhelming but it isn't and the results were awesome!!  The first time he made these, he just made his patties with the mustard and rub.  I wanted to steal his burger!  So, this past weekend he made them all the same and I don't remember the last time I have enjoyed a burger as much. 


Grilled Burgers

2-3 pounds ground hamburger (We use 85% lean.)
Yellow Mustard
Steak Rub

Coat both sides of each hamburger patty with yellow mustard and sprinkle with steak rub.  Grill or broil burgers to your liking.  Serve on warm buns with your favorite toppings and maybe a side of sweet potato fries.  Serves 8

Kamado style smoker and convection grill instructions:
Set the dome temperature to 450 oF for a grill temperature of about 425oF.  Grill burgers for about 5 minutes on each side.

Gluten free notes:  We used French’s Yellow Mustard and McCormick Grill Mates Steak Rub.  Both of these products are gluten free.  Be sure to check the labels if you use other brands.  Serve burger on gluten-free bread of your choice.

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