Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Betty Crocker Muffins {made Egg-free}

Almost a year ago, I posted Betty Crocker Muffins {made Egg-free}.  Just prior to that post, I posted Pillsbury Cupcakes {made Egg-free}.  The cupcakes were and still are far more popular than the muffins.  I am a little surprised by this.  At my house, we eat muffins a lot more frequently than cupcakes.  I would like to eat cupcakes regularly, but they just are not that good for you.  I realize that muffins really aren't the ideal health food but at least they don't have icing!  Haha.  So, I am going to re-post the muffins, in hopes that your family can enjoy a quick delicious egg-free breakfast treat!  

I like to make the Wild Blueberry for breakfast and the Chocolate Chip for a quick dessert!

Betty Crocker Muffins {made Egg-free}Click here to see the original post.    

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