Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mexican Rice

Ahhh... This is good Mexican Rice.  This recipe came from the ever so talented Homesick Texan!  This woman knows how to cook delicious food!  Love her blog and cookbook that my brother gifted me for Christmas last year.  Like her, I have forever been searching for the perfect Mexican Rice recipe.  I have been making one for several years but it always seemed a little bland.  I tried this recipe recently and this is what Mexican Rice should taste like!  Yummy!!

Mexican Rice - please click to link to recipe.

Note:  The recipe says to use two cups of chicken broth to one cup of rice.  I would say to adjust the chicken broth to the liquid recommend on your rice package.  For example, my rice said to use 1¾ cups of water for 1 cup of rice.  So, for this recipe I used 1¾ cups of broth (which was exactly one can).  This will help ensure your rice is dry enough and not mushy.

Allergy notes:  If you have a gluten allergy, make sure the chicken broth and tomato paste you use are gluten free.  If you have a dairy allergy, use additional olive oil in place of the butter.

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